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Policies and Procedures





To view all of our policies and procedures please see a member of staff.  Here are some of the more important ones.


Admission Procedure


We have a booking system, which will operate on a first come serve basis, although we may give priority to emergency requests (eg in the event of a family crisis or family illness).  It may also be necessary to put your child's name on a waiting list, however, we endeavour to place all children as soon as possible.  All parents must fill out all pre admission information sheets and pay the enrolment fee, all information given to Alltots will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Holidays and Opening Hours


The nursery is open 50 weeks of the year and will close during the last week of December and first week of January. The nursery will open at and close at . 


Snacks and Lunch


Alltots will provide two snacks throughout the day for the children using the service, all parents and carers can find the monthly menu on the parent's notice board.

Parents or carers should provide their child with a healthy packed lunch. Please do not bring sweets for your child, and never offer them to any other child.  Suggestions for lunches will be displayed on parent's notice board.

If your child requires bottle fed, all parents and carers should note that Alltots do not make up formula milk and that milk feeds should be brought into nursery in a cool bag.


What you have to bring


Change of clothes (a few changes if your child is toilet training)

Soft shoes (slippers for indoors)

Lunch if staying all day

Nappies (you can bring in a large amount for us to keep at nursery)

Comforters or dummies for throughout the day

Summer - hat and sun cream suitable clothing for this weather

Winter – scarf, hat, jacket and wellies suitable clothing for this weather


Oral Health Policy


All children from 6 months or from their first tooth appearing will follow the tooth brushing programme.  Smile too will visit the nursery and help to promote dental care.


Outdoor Play


Outdoor play is an important part of the nursery day.  Unless the weather is inclement we aim to have the children outside both morning and afternoon.  In the summer we ask that parents provide a hat, and all parents are asked to provide Sun Cream with their child's name on the bottle, please provide your own sun cream.  In the winter children must bring warm clothing suitable for outside play. There will always be two staff members present when children are in the garden.


Open Access Policy


At Alltots parents and carers are welcomed at any point to discuss their child's progress and development at nursery, or they can make an appointment with their child's Key Worker or management. All observations and reports are kept in the child's folder which is accessible at all times. With exception of child protection information, which is kept confidential at all times.

Key workers will complete reports monthly on child's development and progress within the nursery, parents will be asked to sign and date, parents will also be given a copy, and a copy will be kept in children’s development folder. 

All parents or carers will be given a written report and verbal report at the end of each day. The under two's will be given a dairy and the over two's will be given daily sheets which are taken home at the end of each day.


Behavior Management and Anti – Bullying Policy


For any nursery to function effectively there must be an agreed framework of rules which is the basis for discipline and acceptable behaviour to ensure the well being of service users.

Alltots recognises it has a duty to safeguard the well-being of users and that the rules should contribute to providing a safe stimulating environment in which children’s potential for learning and development is at its best.  The purposes of the rules are to enable all children to flourish.

By promoting good behaviour, valuing co-operation and having a caring attitude, Alltots aims to help children develop a sense of responsibility and well-being for themselves and others.


Smoking Policy


No smoking is permitted within the nursery and grounds.




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